Why healers are scarce

Have you ever queued and waited . . . and waited . . . for a healer?  Have you ever stopped to wonder why?  I can share a few reasons with you.  I’m sure this isn’t a complete list.  If you are a healer some of these will resonate, I am sure.

If you’re a tank, have you ever considered how much more difficult you make the healer’s job if you:

  • don’t turn the mob away and the healer and all the dps gets blasted as a result
  • take off to the next mob so fast the healer can’t get you back up to full health
  • take off so fast to the next mob the healer doesn’t have time to loot
  • take off so fast to the next mob the healer doesn’t have time to buff you for the next fight?
  • pull too large a mob for the healer to heal through?
  • fail to hold aggro so the healer gets attacked?

Sadly, it’s not unusual for a healer to experience each of those IN A SINGLE DUNGEON.  The tank happily bounces along singing “ME, ME, ME, ME” and the healer fights to hold the pack together and keep them healed.  Many tanks are so self-centered they’re rushing forward with no clue or care that they’ve left live mob behind which holds up the dps AND the healer.

Can you tell I’ve had a bad day healing dungeons?  Some of those pricks were so bad they ended up on my ignore list.  If they’re that bad, I don’t need to know them.  I think I’ll fix myself a drink and listen to some soothing music.

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