Who knew?!

It’s funny how some small disaster can lead to neat discoveries.  I wore out my Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard.  Yup, literally wore it out . . . well, the left half of it, anyway.  I poured half a cup of sweetened coffee on the right half.  Ouch.  So for a week and a half I used something else.  One temporary replacement was a mini usb keyboard.  Boy did that suck.  Truly.  I was back to being a noob player with reduced dps.  Yeah, having the right keyboard is definitely key.  But . . . the silver lining . . .

Did you know . . . you can bind shift-space bar?  Yup.  As of yesterday I have an easy mount-up and ride/fly key combo.  I have a ButtonForge button set to shift-space bar and I drag onto that button whichever mount I will need . . . or whichever macro I need (no you will NOT dismount me in flight).  Beauty!  No more trying to find the right mount each time I want to mount up.  Will you be spending time flying someone around in Draenor?  Drag the Sandstone Drake onto the button.  Have stables in your garrison and want to do some quick mining/herbing?  One of the panther mounts is just the thing.  I love it when I find a method that’s both efficient and elegant.

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