Time changes playstyle

Have you ever thought back to what your play style was like when you first started? I’m not so far away from my beginning gamer days that I’ve forgotten. I stood as far back as I could and lobbed shots at the target while almost everyone else was crowded in at the boss’s feet hammering away. And I died a lot. A LOT.

There are reasons for why new players don’t get close¬†and die a lot. For me it’s a combination of can’t see what’s going on and can’t process the volume of action on the screen quickly enough to do anything productive. As time passed my eye developed. I was more easily able to process what was happening and my automatic reactions became progressively more fine tuned. But of course that’s not where I started. That’s not where any of us started. Remember that when you’re inclined to make fun of a new player who is as clueless as we all were in the beginning.

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