Hunter or huntard?



I think etiquette and technique are what separate a socially acceptable and effective hunter from a huntard, a player so oblivious to the responsibilities, possibilities and opportunities of the class they’re an annoyance to all who encounter them, a stain upon all hunters who have a clue.

Part of the reason there are so many huntards is because the class is so easy to play. And because leveling and staying alive as a hunter requires little thought of effort, many who play this class don’t take advantage of some of the best features.

Are the bad guys bypassing your pet and coming to whack on you? Set your pet to tank. You didn’t know you could set your pet to act as a tank, increasing his threat and armor? Yup, you surely can. A hunter has the ability to change a pet’s aspect. A pet on tank with a good heal rotation (you did know hunters can heal their pets, right?) and crafty use of the few DoT spells left to them after the last expansion can solo most anything if they don’t overpull.

Sites like Noxxic and IcyVeins will give you a suggested rotation but to perfect the art of kill-it-quick you must practice and be observant. And watch out for that Barrage spell. If you don’t keep your range in mind you’re going to pull the whole neighborhood. Sometimes that can be a good thing . . .

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