Karma is a funny thing

I lucked into an awesome guild in GW2. I was looking for a big guild that did WvW and that’s not what this guild is. It’s a small guild, it’s a quiet guild and it’s an awesome guild. They are kind, helpful, generous, entertaining and inclusive. Need help with something? There may only be four people online but half of them will immediately step up to help. That’s beyond awesome. Nobody swears, no one is denigrated or ignored.

Now compare that to the guild I just left. It’s devolved from something I raved about two years ago to a guild who tolerates a bully in a leadership role. My discomfort started with an event accompanied by Discord chat which included grotesque swearing and talk about auto erotica while children’s voices could be heard in the background. That was bad and pretty much rocked my boat. From there it devolved to a bully in leadership who, when presented with logical arguments got abusive and denigrating while blatantly lying. Rather than continuing to put the guild forward for new players as I had in the past, I kept my mouth shut. There have to be better guilds out there and I’ll happily let someone else suggest one. There was no “sweet sorrow” in parting with the guild, none whatsoever.

When a guild tolerates bullies in leadership it’s no longer a place I want to be and certainly NOT a place I want to advise others to go.