Horde as palette cleanser

In the world of WoW, once you get a toon to 90 you’re doing the same thing every day with few breaks in the routine.  Day in and day out, it’s daily creation, farming, 20 rares on Timeless. When you have seven 90s, things get stale and boring REALLY fast.  In short order it becomes mind numbing.

I happened to be online when a close friend popped in . . . to do her daily creations and farming, of course.  She told me about a group from our guild who had started a horde guild and were playing horde toons on another server.  My immediate thought was . . . ooo!  Guildees playing somewhere else?  As horde?  Ooo!  A new place to use all that heirloom equipment I bought to level my alliance toons!

My friend said she had started a single toon there and was lamenting the lack of bag space and the difficulties involved in soloing without support.  That’s something I hadn’t run into very often as I had leveled most of my toons nearly simultaneously and their professions supported one another.  So . . . what if I tried to duplicate that in a much tighter group . . . something with fewer than 9 toons?

So, I’ve started five horde toons; troll druid (herbalism/inscription), orc mage (tailoring/enchanting), tauren monk (skinning/alchemist), tauren paladin (blacksmithing/mining) and goblin rogue (engineering/jewelcrafting).  I’ve covered all professions with the exception of leatherworking which was not fun to level.  I’ve done it once and would like to never have to repeat it.  Never fear, I have a plan . . .

Once I get this stable of toons to 60 I will start a death knight.  I will start leatherworking and skinning on that toon and, once the DK is 60, I will use the account upgrade instant 90 buff to level the toon AND the profession.  Problem solved.

So let’s see how well 10 professions can be crammed into five toons . . . and how well only three doing gathering can support all.

And the palette cleanser bit?  I was happy to do my farming and daily creation because I had something else to look forward to when I was finished.  Go me!

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