Fast leveling

Moema at level 86

Moema at level 86

If you’re a fan of leveling quickly so you can enjoy the bounty available at level 90, consider a monk.  With a monk you have the potential of two easy increased experience buffs.  Once a monk reaches level 10 they begin doing daily quests for their class which involve a short training session.  Once the training session is complete the monk receives “enlightenment” which is a buff to experience.  The “resting” buff is variable, lengthening in relation to the time spent in an inn. The enlightenment buff lasts only an hour but smart prep can maximize its effect.

The monk has other benefits as well. The training gets progressively tougher requiring a thoughtful application of the available skills.  In addition to the quest experience points, at every 10th level an additional award for the training quest is an upgraded belt or staff.

So, in addition to the monk being tough and fun to play, this class comes loaded with a fast leveling perk not found in other classes.

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