Addons are King

I’m an addon whore. I have a list of must-have addons not quite as long as my arm . . . but close. And I’m fickle. What might be just the thing today is easily second best tomorrow. Master Plan might have been the best thing yesterday but Garrison Commander is lots better! JMPO Yeah, totally fickle.

One of the addons I really like is ButtonForge. There’s no way I use it to its full potential. Remember me? The really lazy one? I want to get there and have a good time but not break a nail or muss my hair in the process. Wrapping my brain around all the wonderful things ButtonForge can do is . . . uh . . . okay, we’ll look at all that great stuff another day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So here’s what I like about ButtonForge. I can set my right side bars with keybinds so I don’t use any Blizz bars. Nice eh? AND, unlike the Blizz interface bars, I can drag stacks of stuff to the Buttonforge Bar. Need to know how many ogre stones I have in my bag? It’s on the bar. Mighty traps? Yup, that too. Woot! One bar 3 buttons wide and 14 rows long and I’m golden. Room for my mounts and their keybinds, hearthstones, logout macro, food and buffs . . . awesome.

Resetting the interface

Resetting the interface

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